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10 Things Outside The Parks My Kids Always Want To Do.

My kids told me on our last trip down to Disney that they were done with the Parks.  I was shocked to say the least!!  I mean, how can you not go to the parks?!  They told me that they want to go to the Parks and hit their favorites and then go and then do some things outside the Park.


Here was their list:

1. Ride the monorail

2. Walk around at Art of Animation Resort

3. Head to Downtown Disney

4. Go to Goofy’s Candy Company and get some candy…duh! :)

5. Lego Store is always a must for both my kids

6. Eat at Cook’s of Dublin

7. Build a Mr. Potato Head at Once Upon A Toy

8. See what kind of entertainment is at Downtown Disney and sit and watch

9. Watch fireworks from the Beach at Polynesian Resort

10. Go to BoardWalk Resort and walk around

10 things to do at disney

Disney is our happy place as I am sure, it is for some of you.  So we try and make everyone happy by doing what ever we all want to do while we are down there.  The rules are simple, if  it is something we can all do as a family and everybody is good with it we do it!


What is on your list of things to do at Disney that is not in the Parks?  Do you change up the list every time you go?  Or is it pretty much the same every trip?



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Why I Love Epcot’s Mouse Gears

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By Melissa L.

By far, my favorite shop in all of Epcot and arguably all of the Walt Disney World parks is Mouse Gear.  It is the largest shop in Epcot and really I find myself wanting to skip Downtown Disney when I am staying in the Epcot Resort Area since you can find a little bit of everything here!  My favorite Mouse Gear story came this Fall when I decided to grab two vinylmations: Star Wars (hoping for Darth Vader) and Pirates (hoping for Captain Jack) and as luck and Disney magic would have it I scored both!

Without the Hollywood Boulevard or Main Street shop set up this is vital to Epcot and worth a trip of its own! The store is set up in sections as you wind your way through.  You will find:

  • All kinds of toys for kids of all ages
  • Disney World Souvenirs (including dated)
  • Apparel for the entire family (including a large ear hat section)
  • Disney Trading Pins & Vinylmation
  • Candy, Snacks, and novelty foods
  • Picture frames and Collectibles
  • Seasonal merchandise
  • Epcot themed merchandise and apparel
  • Cookware and Kitchenware
  • And much more!

While the areas change and don’t always have the largest selection on property you will find this is an Epcot one stop shop! There are also great ways to save here:

  • Disney Visa Cardmembers can enjoy their 10% discount on most merchandise orders $50 or more here
  • During busy times it has been reported that quick service dining receipts have also featured 10% off coupons

With so many specialty shops in the World Showcase, Land, Seas, and Imagination pavilions this is a great stop for a less crowded store with lots of selection!

Have you ever been to Mouse Gears, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

When Melissa isn’t teaching, snapping pictures to post on Picturing Disney on Facebook, updating her photoblog Picturing Disney, or prancing around Disney Parks like a kid, she is lives her life filled with love, laughter, and happily ever after in New York with her husband and their adorable dog.


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Disney World Guidebook Round Up

By Melissa L.

With such a huge costumer base, it is no wonder that there are entire shelves in bookstores dedicated to Disney World Travel Guides as well as website companions that offer online subscriptions to the company’s best planning tools.  How do you make your way through the stack in order to find which is best for you? Use the guide below to find what resources you are looking for in order to make the perfect pre-trip purchase for you!


Most fun and personalized: Passporter

What makes the Passporter guide book my go to choice is the fun I have filling it up with personal information.  The moment after I book my next Disney World trip the first thing I do is order the most current Passporter! I pour over the pages for hours before planning trips, going over ever detail, adding every last minute that I have planned to my pass pockets and updating all of our personal trip information.  I am a Passporter addict! I even used leftover pockets on my honeymoon!

This innovative guide has excellent descriptions of the hotels, attractions, and restaurants at Walt Disney World, as well as, ratings and worksheets that help make your trip planning fun.  What I love about Passporter is that I can hold onto my guidebook as a memento after our trips and flipping through it feels reminiscent of flipping through a scrapbook or photo album.  The deluxe version is fabulous and they offer updated refills each year as well as Disneyland Resort refills.

Most comprehensive: The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

To use the singular of Unofficial Guide does not do this line of books justice.  Not only is the original namesake filled with a plethora of Disney Planning information for planning your vacation from beginning to end, but there are multiple companions which include a color companion, guide specifically for traveling with kids, one for traveling without kids, one for traveling around other parks in Orlando, and editions for Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.

Best quick look for Disney pros: Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World

I have found myself with a small collection of Birnbaum guides over the years.  Planning a Disney trip is exciting and for some reason I usually find myself with a copy of this at some point in my planning.  It’s usually under $10, and I find it great as a guide when I am planning out where to eat or what new attractions to look forward to.  I carried it in my work bag for two months before our last trip.  It is slim and had lots of quick descriptions which are great for skimming through on a lunch break or when I have a few minutes here or there.

Best pictures: The Complete Walt Disney World

Like the other guides featured here, this has great descriptions and reviews of the parks, restaurants, hotels, and attractions to be found at Walt Disney World.  Unlike the other guides here this is so chock full of photos you may find yourself lost in a day dream before you make it through the first 20 pages.  There is so much not just to read, but to see in this book that its hard to resist once you take a peek inside!   There is also a really neat section that is a Disney encyclopedia of sorts called “Disney A to Z”!

Online Subscriptions

This is the digital age, so while there are plenty of books out there on the topic of Walt Disney World, there are also tons of websites out there  filled with Disney planning information.  There are also a small handful of online SUBSCRIPTIONS where you pay for a span of time to use a website’s own planning tools.  The Passporter guidebook has a company website which offers monthly access to their Passporter’s Club in which you can view any of their many available e-books for free.  This is great for getting companion information to their guide book.

Most fun, personalized, and comprehensive: Tour Guide Mike

Tour Guide Mike is a personal favorite as far as planning tools.  You begin by filling out a survey about your trip plans and aver a few minutes your Automated Vacation Planner is prepared for you with personalized trip planning information to fit you and your family’s needs.  It is amazing how spot-on the tour and dining recommendations can be! Furthermore, you can add reminders for making Advanced Dining Reservations, later on add your confirmation numbers, and are privy to being able to access the loads and loads of vacation planning articles on the website.  My very favorite feature: The Least Crowded Park Charts! They rock and are incredibly accurate! I plan my park days based around these recommendations and they are constantly updated if changes come from Disney!

Best quick look for Disney pros: Touring PlansDisney Wishes, disney photography, Picasa, Disney, Magic Kingdom photos, fireworks, Photoshop, photo editing

From the makers of the Unofficial Guides, Touring Plans is a site focused mainly on, well, Touring Plans! Here you can find comprehensive plans for touring all Disney parks as well as another super-accurate park chart.  The Touring Plans Crowd Calendar not only makes suggestions as to which parks to visit or avoid each and every day (for up to a year in advance) but you are also giving estimates on how crowded Disney will be!   Whatsmore, your Touring Plans subscription (available for Walt Disney World, Disneyland or both) allows you the ability to login to the smartphone app which gives you up to date and accurate ride lines and wait times!

What is your favorite guide? Did it make the roundup? Let me know in the comments below!!

When Melissa isn’t teaching, snapping pictures to post on Picturing Disney on Facebook, updating her photoblog Picturing Disney, or prancing around Disney Parks like a kid, she is lives her life filled with love, laughter, and happily ever after in New York with her husband and their adorable dog.

Disney Nails… A Little Magic at Home

By Melissa L & Frances

Most of us wish that we can move to Orlando and be a part of the Disney magic all of the time. Since that’s not a reality for most of us, here are some ideas of doing your own Disney nails at home.

In the nail world, these are Pink & White Nails. To get the black for Mickey’s Chest, it’s actual polish vs powder.

This is how you can do you own Mickey Mani Pedi!

1. Start with a fresh pedicure that has at least set- no wet nails!

2. Grab your tools: black polish and a Q-tip

3. Remove the cotton from one end of the Q-tip as best you can- mainly you want the tip to be cleared of cotton.

4. (This is the long and hard step.)

Practice on a piece of paper and carefully dip the cotton end of your Q-tip in black polish. You should get a feel of how hard to push down to get a decent circle. Do the same with the other end (that you removed the cotton from). Your cotton end will make a bigger circle and you will use it for the head while the bare end will be used for the ears.

Variations for nails: I have never done this as a Mickey mani but have made tiny mickeys before. You can create smaller circles by simple touching your nail more lightly with the Q-tip ends

When she isn’t teaching, snapping pictures to post on Picturing Disney on Facebook, updating her photoblog Picturing Disney, or prancing around Disney Parks like a kid, she is lives her life filled with love, laughter, and happily ever after in New York with her husband and their adorable dog.

If You Are Going to Play at Disney All Day, Spend Some Time at the Gift Shops After Closing

The craziest lines I have seen at Disney World? The lines to get on the boat and the monorail at Magic Kingdom closing time are just crazy. I am not claustrophobic, but looking at these lines could surely make me.

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Want to Save Some Money at the Disney? Bring This With You…

One thing Walt Disney World and Disneyland have in common right now is that it is HOT.  The average person needs to drink 8 glasses of water on a day of light to moderate activity. Spending time at either of the California and Florida theme parks, in the sweltering summer sun, walking miles and standing in often un-shaded lines, you will definitely need to drink even more water to avoid dehydration. If you are buying all that water at the theme parks, you are going to spend a small fortune on an already expensive vacation. [Read more…]

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