3 Easy Ways to – Woohoo!! – Build Excitement for a Disney Vacation

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By Mel.

Maybe you are one of the few people don’t actually need a way to build excitement about an upcoming trip to Disney. But if your house is anything like mine, I bet you would like to reign in the daily question, “How many more days until we go to Disney?” How do you keep everyone excited without losing your sanity from hearing the same question over and over? Here are three awesome and FREE ways to stir up some excitement while keeping the dreaded question at bay.

The Mickey Head Calendar

This is what we use in our house to keep count of how many days until we leave for Disney. Throughout the course of the year (you can do it in fewer trips if you want, I like spreading it out) I stock up on the Mickey head paint chips from The Home Depot. Then I make a countdown calendar, and on each head I write the date and how many more bedtimes until Disney. Each night before bed, the kids take turns pulling that day’s Mickey head off the wall (I tape them up to a closet door) and making that day’s announcement, “X days until Disney!”

Disney paint, Mickey Mouse paint, Disney crafts, Disney World crafts, Disney kids crafts

Note on the Mickey head paint chips – sadly, in my area, the entire Disney paint section is gone. No more Mickey heads! They must have heard I was coming in. Since we must have our Mickey heads in this house, I did what any insane, Mouse lovin’ mama would do – I made my own! Yes, I spent quite a while drawing and cutting Mickey heads so that we could continue the tradition. The secret to making it go faster is to use a Mickey head cookie cutter on construction paper that you have folded into quadrants. Then you trace and cut once but have four cute little Mickey heads ready to go!

The Paper Chain

Remember those construction paper chains that you used to make and put around the Christmas tree? You can make a countdown calendar out of one. Make your strips and write the date and how many more nights until Disney on each strip, counting down to one. Finish making the chain as normal, interlocking the links and stapling them together then hang your chain up – around a room or down a staircase banister are good options.

Mickey Mouse paper chain, Mickey paper, Mickey mouse crafts

At the end of every day pluck another chain link off and make your announcement of days left until Disney. Variation for older kids and adults like me who need a countdown calendar to stay in check, on the inside of every chain link write a fact or trivia tidbit about Disney – the man, the movies, the parks, whatever interests you.

Quote a day – this one is for older kids, teens, and adults. It also requires a smidge of technical knowledge. If you figured out how to turn on your computer and navigate the blasted internet to read this post, you are more than qualified. Pick a starting point and everyday e-mail or text a Disney quote of the day along with how many days are left until vacation. For those who have a lot of time and ambition something else I have done is to change the wallpaper on the computers daily to be a different ride at Disney with a virtual countdown timer displayed prominently in the center of the desktop. Over the top? Maybe, but it was fun!

I am sure there are tons more creative ideas on how to countdown to your next Disney vacation, these are just a few of my favorites. And for those that are like me and start counting the minute you are outside the gates of Disney, according to my family, 220 days is too far in advance to start counting. Fiddle-faddle, I say – that would be a fun chain to make!

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Melissa Rhodes, aka, Mickey by Mel

Melissa Rhodes is a stay at home mom to two Disney addicts, one princess and one pirate. She is also a Disney Vacation Specialist with Magical Memories Travel, where she helps other families plan the Disney magic that she loves experiencing with her own family. Melissa made her first visit to Disney in 1978 and has made more than 40 trips since.

Melissa would love to help you plan your next Disney vacation, and you can reach her at Magical Memories Travel at 1-888-908-7718 , ext 122.  When she is not dreaming about Disney, Melissa can be found at Mickey By Mel.


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  1. I love these! I don’t have kids, but I do love to torment my co-workers with ANOTHER TRIP TO DISNEY! So I may try these- so far I just wait until they have annoyed me and I post a black Mickey silhouette above my desk and update a day-glo post-it with my days left in sharpee!

  2. Great ideas! Maybe they have Mickey Head post-its at Disney? Though I’m sure you enjoy cutting out your own!

  3. alotonyourplate says:

    this is such an adorable idea!!!!

  4. Andrea Fuller says:

    I love these ideas! We also watch Disney movies, Disney scrapbooking, hang Disney photos in frames around house, Disney music, Look at rides on line, plan our next itinerary, make must-do lists, buy Disney t shirts to wear on our trip, and this time I’ve even bought Mickey stuff for my kitchen. Oh, I’ve got it bad.

  5. TheMatoe says:

    My kiddos love tearing down our chain. Here is the one we use (plus I add extra links of my own 8( ;0D

  6. I had seen something like your paint chip disney head countdown on pinterest (may have been yours) and we also don’t have the paint chips available at our home depot. I originally set out to cut my own out as well, but after a few I knew it would take way too long (I also want to make mickey head garland to decorate our resort window when we arrive) so I did the next best thing… went on Etsy and purchased 135 pre-cut mickey heads out of cardstock (different sizes available) for less then $20 including shipping & taxes. I saved me LOT OF TIME and my mental status too. Now I just need to date & make my calendar and string my garland! Hopefully this was helpful to you and/or your readers.

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  2. […] 3 Easy Ways to – Woohoo!! – Build Excitement for a Disney Vacation […]

  3. […] 3 Easy Ways to – Woohoo!! – Build Excitement for a Disney Vacation […]

  4. […] 3 Easy Ways to – Woohoo!! – Build Excitement for a Disney Vacation […]

  5. […] 3 Easy Ways to – Woohoo!! – Build Excitement for a Disney Vacation […]

  6. […] 3 Easy Ways to – Woohoo!! – Build Excitement for a Disney Vacation […]

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