The Disney College Program: Information About Dorms, Roommates and Housing Costs

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So you want to enter into the Disney College Program. It’s an amazing opportunity. Where will you stay when you are there? How much will it cost to stay in the dorm? Do you need to stop at Target or Bed Bath & Beyond to load up on kitchen stuff? Here is some information for you to review.

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You will live in one of the housing complexes located near Disneyland or Disney World Resorts. Here are some of the amenities:

  • Fully furnished apartment (Sofa, TV, Bed)
  • Kitchen appliances, utensils, and dishes (No need to go shopping:-(
  • All utilities, including water, electricity, and waste disposal
  • Maintenance of the apartments
  • Computer labs are offered at Walt Disney World (I would suggest that you take your own lap top)
  • High-speed internet access, and cable ready set up in all apartments

Each complex and apartment layout different and amenities may differ between apartments but are all basically the sa,e/.

. There are three housing complexes for the College Program Participants, each with unique features. We’ll start with the newest accommodations.

Patterson Court dorms, Patterson Court photos, Patterson Court Disney College Program

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Patterson Court

Completed in 2008, Patterson Court is the newest and most luxurious of Disney College Program housing. Located in Little Lake Bryan near the Chatham Square dorm, this is the only complex without a bus stop. So unless you bring your own car, you will need to walk the 15 minutes to the bus stop at Chatham Square.  Patterson Court is the most expensive of all the College Program facilities, so if you are looking for more upscale accommodations than a regular college dorm room, this maybe the place for you.

Chatham Square photos, Chatham Square College Program, Chatham Square College Program information, Chatham Square Disney

Chatham Square photo from

Chatham Square

Chatham Square is the mid-range of the College Program accommodations. If you do not have a car, this is apparently the best place to live, because the bus stops directly outside the security gates.

Don’t feel like going to the parks on your day off?  Chatham Square is right across the street from “Mickey’s Retreat,” a recreation complex used only by Disney Cast Members. On your day off, you can enjoy activities like tennis courts, tether ball, sand volleyball courts, soccer nets, pools, boat rentals, BBQ grills, hammocks, and table tennis.  Or you could just relax in a hammock or do some fishing.  All those activities vs. Space Mountain – it would be a toss-up as to which one to choose.

Vista Way, Vista Way College Program, Vista Way college Program photos, Vista Way College Program rules

Vista Way photo from

Vista Way

The Disney College Program Guide, points out that Vista Way housing was built during the early 80’s, about the same time as Epcot. So while it is the oldest of the housing, it is also the least expensive.

Internet rumor has it that some wild parties have taken place at this particular housing unit, but that probably varies with participants, and everything I read indicated that security is quick to break up loud parties and maintain order on all the properties.

Some housing complexes are close enough to Publix and the Premium Outlets to walk, but others were far enough away so that participants needed to take a bus. Participants without a car seem to have the most difficulties, but between the buses and bumming a ride with a friend, you can get to where you need to go. Offering gas money is a sure way keep your new roommates behind the wheel.

How much will rent be during the Disney College Program?

You are paid weekly with the College Program, and rent is taken out through payroll deduction. Your rent is based upon the number of bedrooms each apartment has. So the lower the bedroom count, the higher the price you will pay. If you don’t make enough in your paycheck to cover your rent, they will take out what you owe out of your next pay check.

Your rent will range from $80-$115 per week. depending on which complex you live in and how many roommates you have. So for $320-$460 each month, you’ll cover your rent, electricity, utilities like cable hookup and waste disposal, local phone service, bus service, and the resort-style amenities featured at the housing complexes. The more roommates you have, the less you will pay for rent.

  • One bedroom = Two people
  • Two bedrooms = Four people
  • Three bedrooms = Six people
  • Four bedrooms = Eight peoplemickey mouse balloon, mickey mouse main street balloon, mickey mouse

Are there any additional fees?  Yes.

  1. A $300 Program Assessment Fee and Housing and Administration Fee will be due when a participant accepts their invitation to participate in the College Program. This fee must be paid by credit or debit card in one single payment.  There is a minimal processing fee that will be applied. No other forms of payment, including cash and personal checks, will be accepted. Once this payment is received and the online acceptance process is completed, the Disney Company will officially reserve the participants’ place in the program.
  2. A $100 Program Assessment fee helps support the events and activities scheduled in the housing complexes throughout the program. This is a one time fee and not refundable
  3. A $200 Housing and Administration fee will be applied to the participant’s housing costs during the first few weeks of the program. This is not refundable.

These costs are for Walt Disney World College Program in Orlando. You can click here for fees at Disneyland.

Can you get to know your roommate before you move in?

Yes, if you want, though you will generally not know all of your roommates until you check-in on your first day.  Upon accepting your invitation to join the program, you will sign up for the “roommate notification program.” This randomly matches you with a roommate, and this way you can communicate before your arrival.

You can also request to room with someone as long as they are of the same gender, but not if you are a married couple. You can also request to room with someone if you have the same arrival and departure dates, you agree to live in a Wellness ( no alcohol) apartment, and you agree to live in non-wellness apartment (which allows alcohol.) If you are under the age of 21 when you arrvice, you will automatically be placed in a Wellness apartment, which means no alcohol is permitted.

Price Management, the company that maintains the Disney Housing Security Team, is very strict in regards to rules and regulations. If you commit serious policy violations, you will be terminated from both housing and The Walt Disney Company. This certainly would not be good for a resume, but I believe parents out there will breathe a sigh of relief knowing their now-grown children are living and working in a safe environment. Partcipants should as well.

  • If you are under the age of 21 when you arrive, you will automatically be placed in a Wellness apartment,which means no alcohol is permitted. You can be released from the program if you are caught with alcohol.
  • All apartments, courtyards and hallways are designated non-smoking.
  • No one under the age of 18 is permitted to live in Disney housing.
  • Guests are always welcome to visit a participant’s apartment complex, but overnight guests are not allowed.
  • Cast Members in the Disney College Program who live off-site must provide their own means of transportation to and from work.
  • All College Program participants who operate a vehicle on property must have valid automobile liability insurance issued by an insurance company registered and authorized to sell automobile liability insurance in the United States. .

So there’s some housing information that can be helpful as you make your decisions about the Disney College Program. It’s always good to know what you’re getting into before you get there. The college program has sent many outstanding individuals into the workforce. Maybe you’ll be one of them?!

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  1. Best semester ever… if you get the opportunity, GO!

  2. Actually they don’t supply a tv and they don’t have his speed Internet, the Internet sucks.


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