The Disney Princess: Why a Charm Bracelet Could Be Your Next Disney Tradition

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In my younger years, I bought a lot of Disney t-shirts, some key chains, and the occasional stuffed animal. I have my Mickey ears hat on a shelf, and if you don’t have one, well, it’s just iconic of a trip to Disney World. (The Mickey Mouse Ears Hat: One of the Greatest Disney World Souvenirs Ever?)  As I grew older and had more disposable income to spend on vacation, I occasionally bought a piece of silver jewelry. The one piece of Disney jewelry, memorabilia actually, of which I am most proud is my charm bracelet. [Read more…]

Win This Fabulous Gold Mickey Mouse Bracelet – FREE!

Gold Mickey Mouse bracelet, MickeyMouse jewelry, Disney jewelryWe know you love Disney jewelry, so this week Mouze Kateerz is sponsoring a contest with our good friends at Chip & Co.  How would you like to win this fabulous Disney-themed Mickey Mouse bracelet? Contest ended April 21st, 2012. [Read more…]

The Disney Princess: Fabulous Bead Jewelry Starting at Just $7

Epcot bead Kisock, Bead Stand Epcot

by Maleah.

You know that spot at Epcot’s World Showcase that you always walk by and wish there was another country? That space filled with African themed and now Indiana themed merchandise? Well, I stopped and looked on my last trip. Something caught me eye…these colorful beads. The story is actually pretty cool. [Read more…]