A Big Ten List of Disney’s Best Websites

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There are 50 million people pouring into Orlando every year, making it easily one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. People spend a ton of money at Walt Disney World, as well as the other theme parks, restaurants, resorts and entertainment veneues in Orlando. It should come as no surprise that there are countless websites, all devoted to Mickey Mouse and his pals. People love to read about Disney.

Here are some Mouze Kateerz favorite websites. [Read more…]

Disney by the Numbers: Photographing Cinderella Castle

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Every photo has a story.

I have an affinity for taking pictures of Cinderella Castle. There just doesn’t seem to be a bad angle, and unlike most buildings, the castle looks even better at night that it does in the shining sun, in my opinion. Especially at Christmas.  With a little help from Disney by the Numb3rs, my favorite source for all Disney numerical info., let’s take a little journey around and through the castle. [Read more…]

The Disney Princess and Her Jewelry: Silver and Bold

Disney silver jewelry, disney marcasite jewelry, disney cilver charms, disney princess jewelry, disney princess

That is not a mis-print: I really did mean to say silver and bold! All Disney Princesses dream of silver and gold, but who can afford gold in this lousy economy? So we’re going with silver jewelry and Mickey bold. [Read more…]

In the Mouze Houze: An Interview With Natalie From Meet the Magic and The Disney Moms

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Look who is “In the Mouze Houze” Today!  It’s Natalie Henley from Meet The Magic and the The Disney Moms.

How are you today, Natalie?  Wonderful!

Well, thanks so much for stopping in to tell us a little about you, and about your websites, Meet The Magic and The Disney Moms. I’ve had so much fun getting to know bloggers from far and wide, all sharing the same passion I have for telling a good story, whether through words or photography.  So let’s hear about you, your story, while you’re “In the Mouze Houze” today.  [Read more…]